How much do your loved ones know about your financial affairs? If you were to die tomorrow, would they have the information needed to close your financial accounts and make final arrangements on your behalf? Would your loved ones know where to find insurance policies and other important documents? Would they be aware of all the people and organizations to notify of your death?

By completing our Estate Planning Personal Log, your family will have all the vital information they need to complete the necessary tasks that must be performed after your death. These include:

  • Notifying relatives and friends of your death
  • Contacting your life insurance company to announce your death and determine how your policy benefits are going to be paid out
  • Locating copies of your will
  • Arranging a funeral service and securing a burial site
  • Publishing your obituary
  • Closing your social media accounts
  • Submitting final federal and state income tax returns

The Personal Log isn’t for you, it’s for your family. Download it here.