Navy Mutual Annuities
Guaranteed income for your future

Navy Mutual offers a variety of secure, low-cost annuities to help ensure your financial security down the road. These tax-deferred financial tools can be a smart way to diversify and increase your retirement savings.

  • Navy Mutual annuities provide flexible payment options, guaranteed minimum interest rates, and highly competitive fixed returns
  • Our annuities are funded with after-tax dollars and can be ideal for those who already have well-funded, tax-advantaged retirement account investments
  • There are no surrender fees or sales commissions

Annuity Options

Navy Mutual offers three different annuities:

Flexible Premium Retirement Annuity
Fluctuating tax-deferred interest with minimum risk.

Single Premium Deferred Annuity
Fixed tax-deferred interest based on a single lump-sum deposit.

Single Premium Immediate Annuity
A stream of guaranteed income for a set period…or for life.

A side-by-side comparison of our annuities:

Flexible Premium Retirement Annuity Single Premium Deferred Annuity Single Premium Immediate Annuity
Deposit/Contribution TypeInitial deposit plus option for future contributionsSingle lump-sum depositSingle lump-sum deposit
Deposit/Contribution Amounts$100 – $1,000,000$10,000 – $5,000,000$10,000 – $1,000,000
Guaranteed Principal Amount*check markcheck mark
Guaranteed Tax-Deferred Interestcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Current Interest Rates1.00% - 3.00%2.00% - 2.60%0.10% - 2.15%
1% Premium Bonuscheck mark
Penalty-Free Withdrawalscheck markcheck mark
Free Look Periodcheck markcheck markcheck mark

*Fixed period (not life income) only | **After the first year, up to 10% of accumulated value can be withdrawn

Annuity Transfer

You may be able to transfer the value of another commercial non-qualified deferred annuity to Navy Mutual without triggering an immediate taxable event. This type of transfer is called a 1035 Exchange. To ensure your potential transfer qualifies, contact us today or consult your tax advisor.

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