Member Code of Conduct

Navy Mutual Code of Conduct

Navy Mutual prides itself in the integrity and exemplary service of its Members. As a member-owned association, we strive to foster an environment of mutual respect for our fellow Members, Board of Directors, and employees. Furthermore, as a non-profit, Navy Mutual’s employees are deeply committed to providing exceptional and caring service for our Members and their families. We recognize, however, that from time-to-time, Members may not agree with the Board of Directors and the Association’s employees on a matter concerning the Association’s activities.

In all business-related matters, Navy Mutual’s employees and Board of Directors must adhere to a code of ethics, governance principles and other policies governing their conduct. It is only appropriate that a code of conduct be applied to the Membership as well.

If a Member engages in conduct that is abusive to the Association, its employees or its Membership, Navy Mutual may restrict or suspend that Member’s access to future products, services or other benefits of Membership, as they may be expanded from time-to-time, except for the rights of a Member to maintain and access their existing policy(ies) and/or account(s).

Conduct that may lead to the restriction of services includes, without limitation:

  1. Abusive, discriminatory or threatening behavior towards employees or Members of the Association;
  2. Suspicious, fraudulent, illegal, dishonest, or deceptive activities related to their participation in Association programs or services; and
  3. Any other activity that is significantly harassing, inappropriate, unprofessional, or abusive to the Association, the Association’s employees, or the Association’s operations and programs, as determined by the President in their reasonable business discretion.

Restrictions or suspensions concerning future products, services, and/or other benefits of membership, including voting rights, will be reasonably related to the nature of the Member’s conduct. This policy will also govern, as applicable, applicants, insureds, owners, beneficiaries, and their representatives. The Board of Directors has delegated to the President the responsibility of developing and maintaining reasonable policies and procedures concerning the restriction of services and suspensions, which shall include the following procedural requirements:

  1. Recommendations concerning restrictions or suspensions shall be presented to the President from a committee consisting of Officers of the Association;
  2. The President will make a determination concerning the recommendation from the Officers and, if any restrictions or suspensions are in order, the President will issue notice to the Member; and
  3. The Member may appeal such a determination to the Member Services Committee. The decision from the Member Services Committee shall be final.

Questions concerning this policy should be directed to