Veteran Echelons of Service

Navy Mutual provides Veterans Service Organization (VSO) services to its beneficiaries, Members, and eligible survivors and veterans. To ensure the most effective use of the association’s resources, the following echelons of service have been established (in priority order): 

  1. Navy Mutual beneficiaries with questions about or claims for survivor benefits;
  2. Navy Mutual Members with questions about or claims for survivor benefits;
  3. Survivors and veterans with questions about or claims concerning survivor benefits;
  4. Navy Mutual Members with questions about or claims for other non-survivor VA benefits.

Beneficiary Services

Navy Mutual’s Veteran Services team stands ready to assist the Beneficiary Services department and represent Members and their beneficiaries with filing claims for benefits offered through the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA). These include Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC), Survivors’ Pension, and the Dependents’ Educational Assistance (DEA) Program.

Survivor Benefits Counseling

Planning in advance for a loved one’s final resting place is understandably uncomfortable. However, we know that doing so can reduce stress on families during a difficult time. Navy Mutual’s representatives are equipped to guide current and former military families, regardless of membership status, through the programs and services earned through military service. In particular, we provide information on the National Cemetery Administration’s pre-need eligibility program and counseling on other federal burial benefits to help provide peace of mind to veterans and their family members. Additionally, Navy Mutual’s accredited VSO Representatives may assist eligible survivors with claims for DIC, Survivor’s Pension, and the DEA Program.

Member Benefits Counseling

Navy Mutual’s Veteran Services team is prepared to counsel Members on the benefits and programs offered through the VBA, such as disability compensation and education benefits. In addition, our VSO representatives can help guide Members through the claims process and provide formal representation.

Navy Mutual Aid Association’s Department of Education and Veteran Services does not endorse or favor any commercial financial product or service or promote the services of any specific financial institution. Further, Navy Mutual Aid Association and its accredited VSO Representatives do not charge or accept a fee or gratuity for representation services rendered to claimants before the Department of Veterans Affairs. 38 C.F.R. §14.628.