Whole Life

Permanent Investment

Get a lifetime of coverage and build your net worth with Navy Mutual’s Permanent Plus life insurance. Permanent Plus is a whole life insurance policy, which combines the protection of life insurance with the interest-generating growth of an investment. Unlike a term life insurance policy, where the benefit is only received upon death or terminal illness, Permanent Plus offers tax-deferred, cash-value growth that you can borrow against or cash out. With Permanent Plus, you are guaranteed at least a 100% return of all the premiums you pay throughout the life of the policy.

Lifetime Coverage

Permanent Plus is sold in $10,000 increments, with a required minimum amount of $20,000. Members and their spouses can each purchase and maintain up to $1,000,000 of total initial death benefit with Navy Mutual. Children and grandchildren between the ages of six months and 24 years may have up to $250,000 of coverage.

Affordable Monthly Premiums

Premium rates are calculated based on age at the time of issue, the amount of coverage, the premium payment duration chosen, and nicotine use. Premium rates are fixed, and payment duration can be adjusted to meet your budget. Members can lower their fixed monthly premium by stretching out the duration of payment; however, plans paid over a shorter term generally offer greater cash-value growth.

A No-Risk Investment

As you pay your premiums, you automatically increase the policy’s cash value, because with Navy Mutual Permanent Plus, you are guaranteed a 100% return of the premiums you pay. Navy Mutual invests these premiums in high-quality, sound investments, and this accumulates tax-deferred interest on amounts in excess of the cost of the life insurance. Navy Mutual has a long track record for providing a high crediting rate (interest rate paid on the cash value) with low costs of insurance, which maximizes the growth of your cash value and death benefit. Permanent Plus has no surrender fees or commissions.

Permanent Plus Plan Highlights

  • Guaranteed lifetime protection.
  • Tax-deferred cash-value growth.
  • 100% guaranteed return of premium.
  • Long-term care expense protection option.

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