When Navy Mutual was founded in 1879, the Army Navy Journal reported that one of the best and unique points of Navy Mutual was our mission to assist survivors in securing pensions and other government benefits, thus saving families “much expense, delay, and trouble.” The founders of Navy Mutual understood the importance of taking care of their own and set out to support the widows and children of servicemembers who lost their lives in service to our country. We continue to stay true to this mission, and serve our members and the veteran population as the nation’s oldest federally recognized Veterans Service Organization (VSO).

Fast forward over 140 years, and our Education and Veterans Services Department, which is comprised solely of individuals with a connection to the military as veterans, military spouses, or family members, continues this important mission through various initiatives.

To continue our mission to “assist members of the uniformed services, including veterans, and their families in securing the government survivor benefits to which they may be entitled,” we provide counseling on the service-related benefits available to servicemembers, veterans, and their survivors. But we don’t stop there. Navy Mutual’s Veterans Services team also provides assistance in the preparation of claims and advice on the development of evidence to support a claim for benefits. This department consists of VA-accredited representatives who can officially represent veterans and their dependents or survivors before the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Last year, we responded to over 600 requests for assistance ranging from describing where to find a copy of a DD214 to representing the widow of a Blue Water Navy veteran in the process of securing her Dependency and Indemnity Compensation benefit from the VA. We represented claimants through 192 claims and secured $4.75M in tax-free benefits for veterans, their dependents, and their survivors. Most importantly, there is never a cost to claimants for Navy Mutual to provide this assistance.

Navy Mutual’s mission to “educate members of the uniformed services, including veterans, and their families on matters of financial security,” also remains a part of our passion to serve. Our Education team is composed of nationally accredited financial counselors who are dedicated to making sure that servicemembers and their families understand the financial benefits earned from their service, while on active duty and even after they leave service. Our team provides unbiased information on the Survivor Benefit Plan, Thrift Savings Plan, Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance, and more. A trusted and factual source of information, Navy Mutual is referenced in various official Navy Instructions as a preferred and approved education resource for Navy servicemembers. Our reputation has transcended the Navy, and we also provide financial education opportunities at many Marine Corps and Coast Guard installations.

In 2021, we provided financial education to servicemembers and their families across the country with over 700 presentations – reaching nearly 19,000 servicemembers and spouses. We’ve also provided support to senior leader spouse symposiums and special operations units, and initiated new virtual education sessions specifically targeted to the unique needs of military spouses. We continue to expand our footprint and our team to accomplish this important mission.

If you need help understanding VA benefits or making a claim, or if you are interested in learning more about the financial benefits earned through service, you can contact our Education and Veterans Services team here. We’re here to help.