Application Process FAQs

How do I obtain a quote?

You can get a quote online, or, if you would prefer to speak with a sales representative, you can call 888-300-9331 or schedule a consultation.

Does getting a life insurance quote mean that I am purchasing a policy?

A life insurance quote is an estimate of how much you might pay in premiums if you purchased a policy from Navy Mutual, provided with the purpose of helping you decide whether to apply for life insurance. Quotes are no-obligation, meaning that you are not required to apply after receiving one. They are also not an offer of life insurance coverage or a promise to provide coverage at any specific rate.

If you do decide to apply for coverage from Navy Mutual, certain products require our underwriters to review your medical history. If, after that review, Navy Mutual offers you coverage, you have the option of accepting or declining the offer.

How do I apply for life insurance with Navy Mutual?

To apply for life insurance, you will be required to fill out an application with information about the insured’s health and medical history, your chosen beneficiaries, how often you would like to pay your premiums, and whether you have recently submitted other life insurance applications.

If the product for which you are applying requires a medical exam, the insured will also be required to undergo a short examination within 30 days of you submitting your application.

Once all of your information is received by our underwriting department, they will evaluate your application and make a determination about whether or not to offer you a policy. This generally takes about four to six weeks.

Do you require a medical exam to apply for life insurance?

Most plans do require a medical exam be completed within 30 days of an application’s submission. Our team will work with you to schedule an exam free of charge.

What should I do to prepare for my medical exam?

Download our medical exam information sheet so you can be prepared.

What is conditional coverage and how does it work?

Conditional coverage applies when a premium payment is submitted at the same time as a life insurance application in the amount of the life insurance application quote. This payment then provides conditional life insurance coverage for the applicant throughout the application process, assuming the application will be approved. If our underwriters decide to approve the application and the applicant accepts coverage, the payment will be applied toward the policy’s initial activation premium. If our underwriters decide not to approve the application, or if the applicant declines coverage, the payment is refunded in full via check.

Can someone else make changes to or get information about my policy or application on my behalf?

Only the policy or application owner can make changes to or obtain specific information regarding the policy or application unless otherwise stated by the owner in writing via email, fax, or postal mail.

Will anyone else have access to my medical information?

Only the insured (or their parent or legal guardian if the insured is under 18 years old) may access medical information unless otherwise stated by the policy owner in writing via email, fax, or postal mail.

How are medical records submitted to Navy Mutual?

More often than not, we will order medical records directly. However, processing times may be quicker if the applicant has access to the insured’s medical records and submits them to Navy Mutual on their own. Medical records can be obtained from the insured’s medical facility or via their patient portal.

An applicant may obtain records from the VA here.