Flexible Premium Retirement Annuity

Fluctuating tax-deferred interest with minimum risk

Grow your savings tax-deferred without risking your principal investment. Start with an initial contribution as low as $100. Then, make subsequent contributions of $25 or more at any time – up to a total of $1,000,000.

After the first year, you can make up to four withdrawals equaling 10% of your policy’s value without paying a fee. Plus, you have multiple payout options from which to choose.

  • Guaranteed principal – Your principal deposit is secure with a Navy Mutual annuity
  • Free Look Period – You can take up to 30 days to confirm that this annuity is right for you
  • No surrender fees – You can terminate this annuity at any time without paying surrender fees, loads, or commissions

The Flexible Premium Retirement Annuity is ideal for those who want to diversify their tax-deferred investments while avoiding market volatility. This annuity can also be purchased for a child or grandchild under age 26 or assigned to another owner.

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