Strong Leadership

Captain Catherine M. Mulé

Career Assignments

Captain Mulé was commissioned an Ensign through the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps program at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1984. She earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering and served in various commands to include the Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Center, the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command and the headquarters of Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet, and Commander, U.S. Pacific Command, and the Chief of Naval Operations. By 2000, Captain Mulé was assigned as a reservist to the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and held various leadership positions before taking command of a science and technology reserve unit and ultimately serving as the Director, Office of Naval Research Reserve Component. Captain Mulé retired from naval service in January 2015. She is currently the Science and Technology Intelligence Liaison Officer at the Office of Naval Research.


B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology; M.S., University of Virginia.