At Navy Mutual, you have the option of making insurance premium payments by credit card through your Customer Portal account. If you are interested in using this option for future payments, you will need to associate your credit card information with your account by following the instructions below.

Set Up Credit Card Payments

1. Log in to your Navy Mutual Customer Portal account.

2. Click “Pay Now” on the Menu bar at the top of the screen. This will take you to the “Summary of Premiums Due” page.

A screenshot of the Navy Mutual Customer Portal menu. Options are My Account, Policies, Application, Change Beneficiary, Documents and Forms, Contact Us, Pay Now, and Logout. Pay Now is highlighted.

3. If any bills are due, they will be listed on the screen. Click “Pay Bills” to enter the credit card payment portal.

A screenshot of the Navy Mutual Customer Portal. The Summary of Premiums Due page has three tabs: Insurance, Annuities, and Summary of Premiums Due. Summary of Premiums Due is selected. A "Pay Bills" button is circled.
4. You will see a list of pending bills under the “Open” tab at the top of the screen. Select the bills that you intend to pay, and then click the “Pay Bills” button.

Note: If you do not see any pending bills but you have a payment due, please allow one business day for the statement to become available.

5. The first time you log in to the portal to pay bills with a credit card, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information. We only accept Visa and Mastercard. Any subsequent times you log in, your credit card information will be remembered, and you need only to authorize the charge.

  • Ensure your credit card information is stored by clicking on the “Settings” tab at the top of the page. Then, click on “Payment Settings,” and “Add Credit Card.” Enter your credit card information and click “Save.” You will need to revisit this step if you wish to pay with an alternate credit card.

In the Navy Mutual Customer Portal, there is the option to pay with a credit card. On this screen, there are four tabs: Open, Closed, Payment History, and Settings. The Settings tab is circled.

  • You will not need to reenter your credit card information each time you wish to pay a bill once it is saved to your account.
  • You will need to authorize the charge through your Customer Portal each time you wish to pay a bill. Navy Mutual does not have the ability to process automatic payments.

6. Check your notification settings by logging into your Customer Portal, clicking on the “Settings” tab, and then clicking on “Notification Settings.” You will be able to select what type of account notifications you would like to receive and whether you would like to receive a paper version of your bills.

A screenshot of the Navy Mutual Customer Portal shows three options: Profile Settings, Payment Settings, and Notification Settings. Notification Settings is circled.

If you have any trouble completing credit card payments or need additional assistance, you can reach a customer service representative by calling 800-628-6011 or emailing

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my saved credit card not working?

If you changed your address or your credit card expired, you may need to reenter your credit card information to continue using this payment option.

It says on the customer portal that I have a payment due, but on the payment portal I do not see any statements available for processing. What should I do?

If you have a payment due but the statement is not available, please allow one business day for your account to update. If you still have trouble viewing your statement after this period has elapsed, please contact

I saved my credit card information on the payment portal, but it did not automatically charge my card. Is there something wrong?

We do not automatically charge your card each time you have a payment due. You will need to authorize the charge every due date. We save your payment information as a convenience so that you do not have to reenter this information each time you wish to process a payment.

I scheduled my payment, but it still shows as unpaid. Why is that?

Scheduled payments should clear the next business day. Please allow up to one day after the scheduled date for us to process the transaction.

I need access to my old statements. Where can I find them?

We do not save your payment history on the payment portal. We only show your most recent bill. If you need additional documents, please contact