Your spouse is one of the most important people in your life — someone you love, trust and rely upon every day. But when it comes to life insurance, your spouse may play an even more important role than you realize.

The spouses of service members are often in charge of the “home front” — paying the bills, dealing with household tasks and managing family schedules. This makes your spouse a knowledgeable resource when thinking about how much life insurance you need. Talking to your spouse about family expenses and debts can give you a clearer picture of how much monthly income your loved ones would need in the event of your death.

Life insurance isn’t just for you. Even if he or she is not employed or works part-time, your spouse makes a contribution to childcare, maintenance, housework, and more. By making sure you both are adequately covered, your family can enjoy greater peace of mind.

Having the Life Insurance “Talk”

Understandably, none of us wants to dwell on the thought of life without our loved ones. But it’s a vital discussion that can make a huge difference at a difficult time. To make it easier:

Make time — This can be difficult in our busy lives. But setting aside an hour or so to sit down — first together and then with an insurance representative or financial planner — is well worth your time investment.

Make it part of a bigger financial planning discussion — It’s not just about insurance; it’s about sharing your goals as a family, your dreams for your children and more. Those things take planning, too, and can be part of an exciting discussion about the future.

Set a timetable for action — It can take up to six weeks to get an insurance policy in place. Giving yourself a deadline, making an appointment with an advisor or blocking time on your calendar to make a phone call to an insurance representative can help break the process into a manageable “to-do” list that you can give the attention it deserves.