February is Insure Your Love month – are you protecting your family with life insurance?

Life insurance is a promise you make to protect your loved ones. By making sure you and your spouse are covered, your family can enjoy greater peace of mind. Having the life insurance talk can be difficult, no one wants to dwell on life without our loved ones. To make it easier, follow these simple steps:

Make the time. First have the discussion with your partner so you have a common understanding before meeting with an insurance representative or financial planner. Hectic schedules are an everyday reality but setting aside an hour or so to sit down and discuss your family’s life insurance needs is well worth your time.

Incorporate your financial plan. Life insurance can protect your family in the event of a loss, provide long-term care options, and help your family build generational wealth. Share your goals as a family, retirement plans, and your dreams for your children.

Create an action plan. It can take up to six weeks to get an insurance policy in place. Give yourself a deadline, make an appointment with an adviser or block time on your calendar to call an insurance representative. Breaking the process into a manageable “to do” list allows you to give this subject the attention it deserves.

The life insurance talk is a vital discussion that can make all the difference at a difficult time. This February join us in taking the pledge to Insure Your Love.

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