Government shutdowns can create financial uncertainty and pressure, and we know that some of our members who are in the Coast Guard, Public Health Service, NOAA, and other Federal agencies may be experiencing that strain right now.

Navy Mutual’s commitment to service means we will stand with our members every day and assist them through tough times.  If members are affected by the government shutdown and might miss a paycheck, we will work with them to ensure they do not lose their life insurance coverage.  And if a member does receive a “lapse” notice because of a missed payment, we encourage them to call us so we can adjust the record to keep their policy in effect until their pay is restored.

Members are also reminded that they can economically borrow against a Permanent “Plus” or Flagship Whole Life policy if they need an immediate cash loan.

Navy Mutual’s customer service department is standing by to serve our members.  Please call us at 800-628-6011 or email