Today is a day to honor veterans and to stand united to pay our respects to those who have given and still give their time and effort in service to our nation. We are humbled by, and grateful for, your service. Thank you.

During his 1981 Farewell Address, President Jimmy Carter, a Navy veteran, said “The love of liberty is a common blood that flows in our American veins.” This is true for most of our countrymen, but the embodiment of liberty and American values is showcased every day by our country’s veterans. Their patriotism is evident in their willingness to serve, and to stand up when others may back down.

Navy Mutual’s history of service starts with servicemembers. Back in 1874, even as naval officers mourned the accidental drowning of their crewmate on the USS Alert, they came together to financially support his widow and children. Five years later, the Navy Mutual Aid Association came into being, with the mission of “aiding the families of deceased members… by providing with certainty and promptness a substantial sum for their relief at as near the actual net cost of insurance as possible.”

To this day, our mission stands true. We exist to protect those who have served in uniform and their families. Navy Mutual is proud to support those who have answered the call of our nation.

It is an honor to serve,

Rear Admiral Brian Luther, USN (Ret.)
President and CEO