Navy Mutual is proud to announce that the Fitch Ratings credit rating agency affirmed our A+ rating in December 2021. For 18 years in a row, we have received this same A+ rating from Fitch, signifying our financial strength and stable outlook.

Fitch Ratings is a global leader in credit ratings and research and conducts annual, independent reviews of financial service providers to help consumers and investors make informed decisions about the financial strength and stability of rated organizations. In other words, a high letter grade should signal confidence for consumers in doing business with a company.

To expand, credit rating agencies evaluate the financial strength of organizations to determine their ability to meet their financial obligations, the most important of which are the ones we owe to you, our Members, and your beneficiaries. Our A+ rating is Fitch’s determination that we have a strong capacity to meet our obligations despite historically low interest rates.

With over $3 billion in assets and one of the strongest balance sheets in our peer universe, we stand by our ability to pay out claims and protect our Members. The A+ rating is the highest rating that Fitch Ratings can award a company of Navy Mutual’s size and focus. It reflects Navy Mutual’s solid financial foundation, conservative investment strategy, lower-than-industry-average product risk, and very strong capitalization. This means that you can be sure that, should you or your family need to file a claim after the death of a loved one, we will be more than equipped and prepared to honor it.

Learn more about Navy Mutual’s latest financial strength rating here.