As we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month, we highlight one of Navy Mutual’s own incredible success stories: our new Chief Operating Officer, Sangeeta Jacob.

On March 1, 2019, Ms. Jacob became the Association’s COO, responsible for the design, implementation, and oversight of Navy Mutual’s business operations, including Underwriting, Member and Beneficiary Services, Education & Veteran Services, Marketing, Military Affairs, and Solutions & Technology.

Ms. Jacob lives and breathes all things Navy Mutual and is uniquely equipped for this role as COO. Having worked at Navy Mutual for more than two decades and in nearly every department, Sangeeta has an acute understanding not just of every facet of the company’s operations but, more importantly, of just what our members want and need.

In fact, Ms. Jacob still has frequent conversations with members she assisted years ago. If you take the opportunity to speak with Ms. Jacob, you will know immediately that her heart beats in cadence with Navy Mutual’s mission to serve our members. Ms. Jacob says, “It truly is an honor and a privilege to serve you, our members and your families.”

Sangeeta Jacob has been training for her current leadership role during every stage of her tenure at Navy Mutual. She firmly believes that everyone can be a leader by effectively leveraging people, processes, and technology. Wrapping-up Women’s History Month by profiling one of Navy Mutual’s own inspires us all to take each day as an opportunity to communicate, learn, and grow.