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We’ve teamed up with MilHousing Network to bring you affordable, high-quality life insurance.

MilHousing Network

MilHousing Network members now have access to Navy Mutual’s military-friendly life insurance plans. Our term and permanent life insurance coverage is available to current and former servicemembers and their families.

No matter your duty station or occupational specialty, you can secure a term or permanent life insurance policy with no active duty military service restrictions, meaning that premiums will not be higher for those who serve in dangerous conditions than they otherwise would be for that individual based on their age and medical history.

Beyond ensuring that your loved ones are protected, Navy Mutual also exists to educate servicemembers and their families about financial security and the federal benefits to which they may be entitled.

Active Duty / Veterans / Military Spouses

Navy Mutual Life Insurance Plans

Level II Plus Term Plan
Affordable coverage up to age 85.

Flagship Whole Life Plan
Permanent life insurance that builds tax-deferred cash value.

A Navy Mutual representative can help you determine which type of coverage best meets your needs and how much coverage is needed to protect your loved ones — all while sticking to your budget.