Paid Up Additions Rider

The paid-up additions (PUA) Rider increases your policy's total death benefit and cash value. It is a flexible rider that allows additional paid amounts of insurance to be purchased up to a maximum of 3 times the base annual standard premium per policy year, with a total lifetime maximum of $500,000. These PUAs are purchased at guaranteed rates, earn dividends in a similar manner as the base contract, and can be withdrawn or surrendered without affecting the base contract.

Under the PUA Rider, PUAs can be purchased via a 1035 Exchange, lump sum, and scheduled or unscheduled deposits.

No further PUA Rider premiums may be received after one of the following:

  • The base is paid up
  • The insured reaches 81 years of age
  • The lifetime face amount cap is reached
  • If no PUA Rider premium is received for two (2) consecutive years

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