How It Works

Participating Whole Life insurance is a permanent form of life insurance with a guaranteed death benefit, guaranteed fixed premium and guaranteed cash values intended to provide coverage for the insured’s lifetime. The policy will accumulate cash value and policyholders are eligible to receive dividend payments.

Flagship Whole Life insurance is for those who want the security of guaranteed premiums and death benefit, as well as the flexibility to use the policy's cash value and potential dividends in a variety of ways. The policy accumulates cash value, which can be borrowed from for any reason. Many people choose whole life insurance because it can help them reach financial goals while they are living. For example, someone may borrow to help pay for college, supplement retirement income or receive cash for a personal emergency.

Declared dividends are an additional bonus to the guaranteed cash value of the policy. Flagship policy owners are eligible to receive dividends as part of the non-guaranteed values, which can be used to increase the life insurance protection and grow the cash value.

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