Level II Plus

Level Coverage, Stable Premium

Level II Plus by Navy Mutual is a term life insurance plan that takes over where our Flex Term plan ends by providing level coverage and stable premiums for Members up to the age of 85. Because our rates and death benefits never change during the life of the policy, the Level II Plus plan can offer significant savings over VGLI. (Fig. 1).

Level II Plus is offered in $10,000 coverage increments, beginning at $50,000, with a maximum of $1,000,000 (Sample in Fig. 2). Level II Plus coverage is purchased in one-year increments, with a minimum duration of five years. Navy Mutual Members are often healthier than the average population, so our plan offers three levels of premium rates:

  1. Standard - For individuals of average health.
  2. Select - For individuals with a payment plan of 30 years or less, who are in above-average health.
  3. Super-Select - For individuals with a payment plan of 30 years or less, who are in above-average health, who do not use nicotine, who maintain a low-risk lifestyle, and who have a good family health history.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2. Sample premiums for 10-year Level II Plus Term Coverage*

Coverage Amount
  $250,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
Age Male Female Male Female Male Female
45 $12.50 $12.25 $25.00 $24.50 $43.00 $42.00
50 $20.00 $16.75 $40.00 $33.50 $68.00 $60.00
55 $33.25 $25.25 $66.50 $50.50 $125.00 $94.00
60 $53.75 $35.75 $107.50 $75.50 $206.00 $138.00

*Individuals who do not use nicotine, Super-Select™ monthly rate. Actual premiums may be higher after medical underwriting.

Level II Plus Highlights

  • Level coverage and stable rates for Members through age 85.
  • Offered in $10,000 increments from $50,000 through $1,000,000.
  • Sold in 1-year increments (min. 5 years).
  • Three premium rate tiers.
  • Convertible to Whole Life with no physical.

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