Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI)

VGLI is an insurance policy that is made available to all service members who want to continue coverage after leaving active duty.  SGLI may be converted to VGLI up to the same amount of SGLI that the service member has in force at the time of separation or retirement. Acceptance is guaranteed with no proof of insurability if coverage is elected within 240 days of leaving the service.  Service members may apply for coverage for up to one year and 120 days after leaving the service, but will be required to provide proof of insurability after the 240th day.

VGLI Quick Facts

  • Group term insurance
  • Renewable at 5-year intervals with an increasing premium.
  • Cost varies according to age and amount of coverage.
  • No proof of insurability required if elected within 240 days of separation or retirement.
  • Can be converted to commercial permanent insurance any time up to amount of VGLI held.
  • Accelerated Death Benefit Option provides up to 50% of the death benefit for the terminally ill with a life expectancy of 9 months or less.
  • Free Beneficiary Financial Counseling services for one year through a professional financial planner.

Monthly Premiums for $400,000 Maximum Coverage under VGLI

Under 30 30+ 35+ 40+ 45+ 50+ 55+ 60+ 65+ 70+ 75+
$32 $40 $52 $68 $88 $144 $268 $432 $600 $920 $1,840

Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance (SDVI)

Those with a service-connected disability can apply for a SDVI of $10,000. For those determined to be totally disabled, premiums can be waived and an additional policy of up to $20,000 is available. However, premiums for this additional insurance cannot be waived.

Converting SGLI to VGLI When Leaving The Service

Servicemembers who are preparing to leave active duty have the option of replacing SGLI with VGLI. Points to consider in making this decision include:

VGLI does not require proof of medical insurability, so servicemembers who have or might have any health situation that could result in denial by other insurers, should be sure of their insurability before declining VGLI. Retention on active duty with the uniformed services does not necessarily mean a service member is medically insurable.

VGLI coverage is limited to the maximum of SGLI coverage held at release from active duty. In many cases, this is not enough insurance to replace the significant survivors’ benefit package which will terminate upon leaving the service.

In many cases the amount of VGLI available is not enough to replace the survivors’ benefits package which will terminate upon leaving the service. Determine your individual needs.