Casualty Assistance

Survivors of a military member who dies on active duty will be given assistance with the coordination of funeral arrangements and applying for benefits and entitlements. Survivors will be assigned a Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO) to be their liaison with the service.  The CACO is not a subject matter expert, but is trained to answer general questions and to refer survivors to the appropriate expert or agency to assist them.

In the event of a casualty, the following printable checklist might be helpful: Survivor Checklist

  • Obtain certified copies of the death certificate. The funeral director will usually provide these to you.
  • Notify life insurance companies of the death. (Navy Mutual will assist with this procedure.)
  • Notify insurance companies that provided auto and health coverage for the deceased.
  • Review beneficiary designations for life insurance policy(ies) as well as other policies and request revision, as appropriate.
  • Contact the local Social Security office.  If you are unable to reach the local office, then contact the Social Security Administration by phone or online.  They will provide information on what action needs to be taken.  They will need to know the Social Security number of the deceased.
  • Contact the appropriate Defense Finance and Accounting Service regarding adjustment in premiums and to file a claim for the Survivor Benefit Plan. (Navy Mutual will assist with this procedure.)
  • If the deceased was a veteran, contact the nearest Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) office.  They will assist with applications for survivor benefits and entitlements.  The VA also provides a number of burial benefits for deceased military members.
  • Contact any veteran service organization of which the deceased was a member. They can assist with applications and claims for survivor benefits and entitlements. (Navy Mutual provides legal representation to the VA as well as counseling and claims assistance for survivors of deceased members.)
  • Contact employer(s) of the deceased regarding possible insurance benefits (group coverage), pension funds, and any other entitlements.
  • Notify creditors of death and check for possible insurance protection (mortgage insurance, etc.)
  • Contact the motor vehicle department for information on updating the registration/title of automobile(s).
  • Notify organizations deceased belongs to (auto clubs, service organizations, etc.) Some may provide a benefit to the deceased member’s survivors.
  • Update your Will, Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney, and/or Living Will, as necessary.
  • Notify banks, credit unions, investment funds, etc., where the deceased had an account or joint interest.
  • Renew your military identification card at nearest military facility to reflect your new status.

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