Navy Mutual Annuities: Building Guaranteed Future Income

As part of the Navy Mutual mission to support the financial security of our Members, we offer a suite of low-cost, high-value annuity products. Annuities are tax-deferred savings vehicles, which can be a great complement to an individual's long-term financial plan. Navy Mutual's annuities provide a high level of security, flexible payment options, guaranteed minimum interest rates, and highly competitive fixed returns with no sales fees and no commissions.

You cannot lose money with a Navy Mutual annuity. Not only are you guaranteed to get your premiums back (less any withdraws), but you also are guaranteed that your premiums will earn a minimum 1% to 3% annual effective interest rate.

Annuities are ideal for Members who already have well funded, tax-advantaged investments (e.g., 401, 403b, Roth IRA, etc.) and are looking to augment their income in retirement with a low-risk, tax deferred savings vehicle.

If an annuity makes sense for your financial portfolio, Navy Mutual offers three product options.

View our rates, or learn or how to transfer your existing annuity to Navy Mutual.

To learn more about Navy Mutual annuities, please call us at 800-628-6011.