Financial Services: Safekeeping of Personal Documents

Financial Services Document Safe Keeping

Members should consider maintaining the following documents with the Association to facilitate claim processing, especially if the member has a service connected disability which may qualify his/her family for VA benefits:

  •     Marriage certificate
  •     Statement regarding previous marriage,if applicable
  •     Insurance carried: (company name, policy#, amount, beneficiaries)
  •     DD Form 214 
  •     Statement of election of SBP
  •     Birth certificates; member, spouse, and children
  •     Will and power of attorney

In determining eligibility for VA pay and benefits, the Department of Veterans Affairs requires certified copies of marriage licenses, birth certificates and some other documents. Original copies of military service records will be required.

If a member wants a document or copy, all that is needed is a phone call or and email. Documents can be scanned and sent to a member electronically via email. When there is a death, these documents are used to start the process of securing all federal benefits and allowances to which the family is legally entitled and filing insurance claims with other insurance companies.

It is the policy of the Association that all information, documents and addresses of members provided to the Association are private communications and will not be divulged or released without the specific approval of the member or by court order or upon the death of the member, of the named beneficiaries or designated executors. Accordingly, your signed authorization is required to communicate Association matters with your spouse, children or other advisor.

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