Navy Mutual News & Media Reviews Navy Mutual

Published on January 12, 2016

Navy Mutual was recently reviewed along with forty four other well-known life insurance companies by, an independent review site that compiles their reviews from industry experts and customers.

This is's mission in their own words:

"We are dedicated to bringing the truth out, and rank companies as they should be. Through our investigation, and experience with each company, we rank each company, and bring you our honest, unbiased opinion. We also include authentic user reviews by past customers of each company, that are moderated, & verified."

The following is an excerpt from's review of Navy Mutual:

"Navy Mutual is a great option for military families. The fact that it is not a commercial insurance agency means that it does not charge commission or sales fees; and because it is not focused on representatives, the company can keep its rates affordable.

The non-profit company does not operate on a war clause, and does not place restrictions on policies even in times of war. Not only that, but the non-profit company does not have any military restrictions, or fees for military members.

This company is hard to find negatives on, and if anything, the main criticism is that it lacks a few key features. Navy Mutual does not offer a Universal Life or a Variable Life plan. While these are missed, the loss is cushioned by the countless other features the company offers for military leaders. Navy Mutual also does not offer an email address, or an online chat option.

The bottom line is that this is a company is worth looking into for military families. It provides counseling for survivors, free financial protection planning services, and is an all around smart bet for good coverage."


All of us here at Navy Mutual are proud to be recognized for our efforts, and we are committed to continuing our mission of service to our members and to the military community. 

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